ON-LINE EDITION Atlanta GA                                                             No. 47 August 2002

Note: personal contributions from faculty and alumni are not included in the web edition

Fraser Harbutt and the Cold War
An Interview concerning a new book.
Bringing Southern History to Cambridge

James Roarks's Year in England
Experiences With Media and Teaching
Patrick Allitt, Kristin Mann and Mary Odem
A Cuttino Scholar's Chinese Adventure
Undergraduate Travel, by Jennifer J. Anderson
Indian Tacos and Pow Wows
Grarduate Travel: A Historians's Trip to the Archives. by Fay Yarbrough
The Legacy of Russell Major
An Interview with Blair Major
Celebrating Harvey Young
Department News
Are We Having Community Yet?
A Note from the Chair, James Melton
Graduate Program and Graduate Students
(includes Ph.Ds awarded)
Kathryn Amdur, Director of Graduate Studies
Undergraduate Awards and Achievements
Patrick Allit, Director of Undergraduate Studies