ON-LINE EDITION   Atlanta, GA                                                     No. 46  August 2001
Note: personal contributions from faculty and alumni are not included in the web edition

Internationalization:  like many campuses, Emory is engaged in a major thrust to internationalize” its focus. Not everyone agrees on the nature or desirability of this process. And of course we historians have always had an international outlook. But the past year has seen such an impressive range of international experiences by history faculty and students that we decided to make foreign contacts the theme of this issue. –Editor



Stalin's Railroad by Matthew Payne
Labor, ethnicity, and the Soviet state.

Freshmen Investigate the Immigrant Experience
by Jeffrey Lesser
New uses for the web page.

African Americans in New York City, 1626-1863 by Leslie Harris
Race relations in the North.

Cuttino Scholars Travel the World
Two seniors recount their summer experiences using grants from the Cuttino endowment.

Surviving in Dijon by Jeffrey Houghtby
A Ph.D candidate's research experiences abroad.



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Reflections from the Chair

New History Faculty
Atlantic History, Modern British, and Latin American positions.

Rondo Cameron 1926-2001

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